Graphic novels & co. – more reading experiences

Continuing the previous post, some recent readings of graphic novels and comics. Marjane Satrapi, Persepolis (same in all translations) Written and designed by the Iranian Miss Satrapi, the graphic novel is great and better and more complete than the movie. Shouldn’t miss it. Davide Toffolo, Pasolini (available only in Italian) Naoki Urasawa, Monster A master … Continue reading

Some reading experiences – esperienze di lettura

I give my very personal vote on some books I read recently. As my Italian readers have complained for the too many English-only posts, titles will be bi-lingual. Before I start, my friend Steven Jakobs has published a crazy but really beautiful book on the architecture of the houses of Hitchcock’ movies, houses which never … Continue reading

Derek Jarman

I’ve just seen an old BBC interview of the extraordinary Derek Jarman (by Jeremy Isaacs, whom I don’t know), a British movie director who died in 1994¬† Though the interviewer brings all Jarman’s artistic¬† activity to “homosexuality”, Jarman personality is so inspiring and beautiful, so nice to see., that the narrow mindedness of the interviewer … Continue reading

Using Balsamiq Mockups for Teamwork ideas

During these holidays I had an idea whirling in my mind, and I could spell it away only by… spelling out its details. By some chance during these days I also met again Balsamiq Mockups, so I decided to give it a serious try. I wanted to design a mock up of a personal productivity … Continue reading