Using Balsamiq Mockups for Teamwork ideas

Balsamic mockup screenshot

Balsamic mockup screenshot

During these holidays I had an idea whirling in my mind, and I could spell it away only by… spelling out its details. By some chance during these days I also met again Balsamiq Mockups, so I decided to give it a serious try. I wanted to design a mock up of a personal productivity tool that writes data to Teamwork. So you can use teamwork as a sort of backofffice, of which you may even not be aware of.

Well, Balsamiq Mockups just rocks. I drafted the screens, and kept refining, adding, changing: its better than paper. It does exactly what you expect it to; its a sort of canned Illustrator for dummies, focused for mock-ups.

The only limitation I found is the ability to comment extensively the mock-up, I used the tool-tip, but it goes in the way a bit.

It is an air application, and having ben developed in Adobe’s environment, it must have been a real nigthmarish work (I’m used to the luxuries of JetBrain’s Intellij). Kudos to the developer!

So I also read the entrepreneurial story behind it, quite fascinating, moreover the guy seems to be Italian! We’ve already bought  a license.

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