Derek Jarman

I’ve just seen an old BBC interview of the extraordinary Derek Jarman (by Jeremy Isaacs, whom I don’t know), a British movie director who died in 1994  Though the interviewer brings all Jarman’s artistic  activity to “homosexuality”, Jarman personality is so inspiring and beautiful, so nice to see., that the narrow mindedness of the interviewer remains in background. It also tells about the inspiration for his movies, his great sensibility, and smartness in findings way to express it. His movies try to express the nature of reality in ways that are totally unrealistic, just like good literature, and speaks universally; of course he is dealing often with homosexuality, but it would be very reductive to make him just a “coming out” facilitator.

I still remember seeing “Caravaggio”, fifteen years ago. Thank you for your works, Mr. Jarman.

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