Our first graphic novel – or better – graphic short story!

My friend Matteo Bicocchi and myself have published a short graphic novel: see it here. Matteo did an amazing graphic work.

Stieg Larsson Millennium trilogy

I’ve just finished reading the third book of Millennium’s trilogy; I just couldn’t stop reading it. Is this just another low quality thriller? The ambience of the events is close to contemporary Europeans ways of living, sligthly improved with intense sexual lives and frequent new encounters. It is more fanta-journalism than litterature: in this respect, … Continue reading

Foucault: les mots et les choses

I just more or less survived to the end of this disastrous Foucaults’s writing. In a quite approximative trip along cultural history, he tries to put together a sort of model of language and semantics, not through argument, The whole argument of the book is based upon the idea of historical concept evolution, including language. … Continue reading

The major

This is my first attempt to a short story in English. He was in a car queue. When he reached the stoplight, it turned red. Someone walking by recognized him, damn, damn. A tall guy, bent on his windshield, and spat on it. Then started gesturing menacing signs. Finally came the green light, he started … Continue reading

Intellectual, creative work is hard

Haruki Murakami in What I Talk About When I Talk About Running: “…Writing novels, to me, is basically a kind of manual labor. Writing itself is mental labor, but finishing an entire book is closer to manual labor. It doesn’t involve heavy lifting, running fast or leaping high. Most people, though, only see the surface … Continue reading