Foucault: les mots et les choses

I just more or less survived to the end of this disastrous Foucaults’s writing. In a quite approximative trip along cultural history, he tries to put together a sort of model of language and semantics, not through argument,

The whole argument of the book is based upon the idea of historical concept evolution, including language. Ideas, concepts and language use evolve in parallel with intellectual’s reflections on them. He completely misses the combinatorial and non historical character of linguistic ability, which not only linguists are today familiar, but anyone who has had a child simply can’t miss.

The value of the book is zero, nothing. At page 262 (of the Gallimard tel edition) finally an interesting sentence:

ces <<quasi-trascendentaux>> que sont pour nous la Vie, le Travail, le Langage.

Here Foucault’s ontological fresh sensitivity awakes, but then again the river of arbitrary historical quotes restarts, and boredom again prevails.

Read anything by Foucault, but this one.

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