Stieg Larsson Millennium trilogy

stieg-larssonI’ve just finished reading the third book of Millennium’s trilogy; I just couldn’t stop reading it. Is this just another low quality thriller?

The ambience of the events is close to contemporary Europeans ways of living, sligthly improved with intense sexual lives and frequent new encounters. It is more fanta-journalism than litterature: in this respect, quality is low. In the third book, the part about Fermat’s probem and the equation introductions is painfully badly done. But… there are several senses in which his writings have some quality.

Larsson brings the reader to identify strongly with the main characters and together with thriller-typical problems and a brief, essential writing style makes for unstoppable reading. There is one thing that I’ve noticed keeps coming and brings the reader closer to the events: breakfasts and coffees. Whenever there is a pause, a new character is introduced, a new course of action to be taken, breakfast comes. And this is a major rithm of office life, and a reason why we office workers identify so easily in the book.

Of course there is much more in Larsson writings, there is also some competence in diverse fields.

A theme which I find most interesting (and Larsson too) and which is a topic of his novels is the relationship with institutions. A constitutive factor of democracy is the possibility to examine and discuss the relationship between individual and institutions, and to examine and change the institutions behaviour. A crucial role in this examination should be played by journalists. If with respect to this I think about the current situation in Italy, I’m taken by a wave of desperation… .

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