Defending Java..

From, podcast 44 comments
From, podcast 44 comments

Now that I have Jon Skeet on my side, the path to world dominance is open.

P.S. As there are in that stackoverflow thread a bit too sharp polemical interventions, I want to precise that the reservation about the two guys opinion expressed by my post is only a minor detail. I agree with all the main points of the webcast, the reservations about the “software architect title”, and so on.

They produce a great podcast series, and for IT it may seem simple, but it isn’t: I have to listen for professional reason to some other podcasts in IT, Java and marketing, and no one can do it rigth. They are boring, slow, predictable, worst of all, artificial. The problem is that you need an interesting and lively personality and intellectual life and also the capacity to express it quickly to make an interesting generalistic podcast, and very few people fit that.

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