What is contemporary?

A while ago I heard on the radio a bizarre song, with a circus-like theme and a low-fi rendering; I liked it, and soon discovered that it was Kids from MGMT. It soon has become a big hit, as their entire album. And now I’ve discovered this video, not produced by the MGMT guys, which … Continue reading

Un breve sfogo politico

La prima dichiarazione di Renzi, il nuovo sindaco di Firenze, che alla fine mi è toccato votare, è “vado a pregare sulla tomba di La Pira”. Come è possibile dare alcun credito a uno che va a bisbigliare frasi confidenziali a tracce di metallo alcalino terroso ??? E soprattutto, perchè dargli questo rilievo? C’è di … Continue reading

A mininal contribution

Of this video I wrote the script: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSyKEQq4gMY It is a promotional video for Teamwork.

Loris Cecchini – a contemporary artist

Sunday I went to see Loris Cecchini’s exhibition at the Lugi Pecci center for contemporary art in Prato – one of the very, very few remaining centers for contemporary art in Tuscany. I knew a few Cecchini’s works from having seen them at the Galleria Continua is San Gimignano, but this exhibit in Prato is … Continue reading

Kavalier & Clay – by Michael Chabon

I read this novel after discovering Chabon in The Yiddish Policemen’s Union, which is a nice “hardboiled” (not that much) detective story that imagines an alternate history. I already liked the style, freedom  and the playfulness of the writing, and the human thickness of the characters. So then I got Kavalier & Clay: and there, … Continue reading