The silent you within Shintaido

Video introducing Shintaido on Vimeo

Video introducing Shintaido on Vimeo

In this short and informative video you can glimpse at Shintaido, a beautiful body movement practice which is hard to define in words. I have been practicing it for more than 10 years, and got more help, inspiration and energy from it than I can express in a short blog post.

Anybody can practice it, and I also believe that everybody can find something unexpressed in their “mind life” that can get to the surface, get articulated simply through the stimuli of Shintaido movements.  Trying it out with a teacher is the best way: you may  find a teacher near you through the Shintaido web sites, start here:

Italian translation – versione italiana: in questo breve video potete dare un primo sguardo a Shintaido, una pratica di movimento. In Italia c’è una associazione nazionale Shintaido, che ne promuove l’insegnamento, sotto la guida di Gianni Rossi; dettagli su

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