A review of “The Web Startup Success Guide”

This is a review of the book The Web Startup Success Guide by Bob Walsh, who is also the author of Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality, published previously. Mr. Walsh is also the creator of the The Startup Success Podcast, and a moderator of the notorious The Business of Software (BOS) discussion forum. This book … Continue reading

An “office exchange” opportunity in Florence – Italy

Many people use “home exchange” services, such as HomeExchange or HomeForExchange, in order to travel abroad comfortably and somehow “introduced” in the local community. Many of Open Lab have decided to generalize this to an “office exchange” initiative: we are willing to coordinate a temporary exchange of several apartments and part of a working place … Continue reading

Zeppelins (English version)

This is a short story for which I got the idea seeing the Loris Cecchini work which is in the  picture below. For me it is clear that the opera is a sort of  challenge for the observer; my answer follows. This short story was first published in Italian here, thanks to Alex Gillan for … Continue reading