An “office exchange” opportunity in Florence – Italy

Open Lab's office

Open Lab's office

Many people use “home exchange” services, such as HomeExchange or HomeForExchange, in order to travel abroad comfortably and somehow “introduced” in the local community. Many of Open Lab have decided to generalize this to an “office exchange” initiative: we are willing to coordinate a temporary exchange of several apartments and part of a working place in Florence, Italy, with a modality similar to that of home exchanges. You will get houses with WI-FI, cars, bicycles, computers, usually also filled with books, some in Florence center town, others in the suburbs.

Our software house is presented here:

Three of the available houses:

In total currently there are 8 apartments available of various sizes.

For the office part, here are some pictures:

We would extend insurance to cover your stay there, and we expect the same from your company.

The period would be in 2010, when is to be determined (not the first half of June), and the length – we were thinking from one to two months. For the location we are open to offers, would prefer to exchange in an English speaking country, but it is not necessary.

We will supply all the details to candidates – just write to ppolsinelli at gmail dot com.

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