Introducing BugsVoice

BugsVoice site

BugsVoice site

Error trapping is a well known “secondary” aspect of application development that has received a certain attention in recent years in usability studies. It is more and more believed that it is not that a secondary point, and that handling it properly can be a considerable help in developing quality applications and online services.

It is also true that managing this will make you loose focus with respect to the main target of your application development; so we came with the idea of providing an online service that would solve the problem for you, where you are either a web application developer of the maintainer of hosting services – or both. We called such service BugsVoice “turn bugs into opportunities”.

The service will provide you with a choice of friendly error pages, which you can eventually customize, and guidance on how to integrate your application error handling with the service. If you stick to the basicsm, you should be up in no time. Enough words: BugsVoice beta is online here – give it a try!

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