Why not do more, much more, with mashups?

Mashups are today used either in widgets supplied by online service providers, or built by hand by developers for particular sites and pages. Thinking about generalizing and simplifying the usage of mashups and the creation of web widgets, came the idea of creating a dedicated online service, Patapage. Some definitions and references I’ll start by … Continue reading

Java is just fine for your online service startup development

There is a commonplace going round according to which Java/J2EE is not an appropriate development platform for startups creating online services. This commonplace is repeated again and again, e.g. on answers.onstartups.com How to pick a platform for a startup web 2.0 app? stay away from J2EE. J2EE is too heavyweight. Takes too long to develop. … Continue reading

Introducing Patapage

We just put online a new web service, Patapage:   http://patapage.com Patapage is a way of adding services to web sites (also static ones) in a most simple way: just by adding buttons. There are buttons for socially contributed contents, like adding a wiki-like layer to your pages, and also comments, image galleries, contact forms, … Continue reading