Introducing Patapage

pataHome We just put online a new web service, Patapage:

Patapage is a way of adding services to web sites (also static ones) in a most simple way: just by adding buttons. There are buttons for socially contributed contents, like adding a wiki-like layer to your pages, and also comments, image galleries, contact forms, rating, retweet, Google or Twitter searches, windows on other websites, annotated feedbacks, and so on. We are adding more services almost daily.

By relying on this service, you are avoiding any kind of server maintenance, and getting some nicely designed and customizable additional layers on your site. All this in an unobtrusive, simple way.

Anyone who is familiar with adding Google analytics or Twitter gadgets on their site will find Patapage simple to use and in line with the current evolution of the web.

There is simply nothing of the sort, and to see the demo you don’t even need to enroll: so just give it a try!

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