Learning home made copywriting

So you two startuppers have technical skills, a great idea, maybe even a nice logo, and have the means to survive without sales for six months. So you have all you need to create your product and launch your startup? This is what we believed, and it has been a long journey to realize how … Continue reading

A checklist for improving the writing style of technical blog posts (part two)

This blog post is the second part of a previous post, Improving the writing style of technical blog posts. Read the first part before proceeding. As you survived reading up to here, now you get a reward: a simple checklist which you can use to verify your posts before publishing them. The checklist does not … Continue reading

Improving the writing style of technical blog posts (part one)

Why few blogs are very popular, and most are practically ignored? You may believe that popularity is simply a question of luck or money. I read many blogs for professional reasons, and some among these are a real pleasure to read. Well, it also happens that the well-written ones are the most popular among the … Continue reading