Taming your lizard brain

image Last Sunday I was having a walk along the small river that close to my house. A tall lime tree was blossoming, releasing pollen in a large cone. It was spreading its love message, its celebration of life and joy, its gift. The rest of landscape around it, made of human artifacts: concrete, walls, small houses. Not really giving any kind of positive message, just functional.

The tree spirit is the one Godin wants us to apply in pursuing, shipping and presenting innovative ideas through startups and  companies in general. I advise you to read Linchpin: it won’t be easy to understand what is the point of the book, but that too is part of the therapy.

I liked the book so much that we produced a simple online application to help you in taming your lizard brain. Try it here: http://devineu.eu/lb.jsp .


imageI actually discovered that aereobiology is a complex scientific research field, dealing with such problems as aerobiological probability density function…

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