Lifespan of software adoption – can successful software suddenly turn in a failure?

An interview which I think can be a useful view for startuppers is this: How *Specifically* Did Balsamiq Bootstrap Its Way To $2 Mil In Sales in 18 Months? – with Peldi Guilizzoni on Mixergy: The only thing that leaves me a bit perplex in this interview is Peldi’s worry abut his “rocket” success … Continue reading

Mapping ideas to software

We are trying to give more an more “mappings” of problems and ideas to the software applications and services we are creating. Two recent examples:   Matteo Bicocchi’s (“pupunzi”) mappping of neeeds of site improvements to Patapage: 9 ways to improve your site but you don’t know how to       My mapping of … Continue reading

Patapage 1.0 is out

In our shipping series, we now released Patapage 1.0: try it here: I posted the release on hacker news with “Ajax-widget based "CMS" is online”. Patapage is such a radically new tool that it is very hard to express it in just one sentence. Other ways of characterizing it are: “Web mashups made simple”, … Continue reading

Back from Better Software 2010: impressions and what I learned

At I have learned something real which can help me working – and shipping. I got inspiration for new ideas. Here I give some quick impressions and links. The organizers: a word of praise to the organizers, Develer ( I lived the event as speaker, student and (satirical) “journalist”. In all three roles, I … Continue reading