Summer readings on copy for web marketing

My friend Simone Zinanni (not the fake one) from Develer of Better Software and Pycon3 fame asked me whether I had some web marketing copy readings for the summer.

I already wrote about my efforts in Learning home made copywriting. The basic problem for copywriting is that you have to have something to say, and have enough imagination to see how interesting it could be for non informed readers. Assuming this, you then need

(1). general writing skills,


(2). specific knowledge for marketing copy.

For point (1), it is hard to pick out readings: learning to write well is a vague and hard task. I am studying fiction writing, and this has helped a great deal, but I can’t single out an instructional book for this task. Like, an exercise could be: read (or better: re-read) one of Stieg Larsson books, and try to find out the techniques he uses to keep the attention of the reader. He is a master in that (though I don’t particularly like the books).

Point 2 also involves knowledge of the specific market for which you are writing, and familiarity with marketing technioques. For this, I find Seth Godin books a great help.

For web sites on copy I advise, in particular

For readings, imagethough it is not specifically about copy for web marketing, some good ideas from an old copy of some success 😀 :

My Name is Charles Saatchi and I am an Artoholic: Everything You Need to Know About Art, Ads, Life, God and Other Mysteries and Weren’t Afraid to Ask

Have a good summer.

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