Why your Delicious bookmarks end up being an unreadable mess?

I’ve been looking at friends’ Delicious accounts, and asking how they’ve been using them. An answer I got frequently is this:

When I started using it it was great. But as I kept bookmarking, I never did maintenance, and old links that have become irrelevant are always there and I could no longer see what was relevant and what not. It ended being an unreadable cloud and so I stopped using it.

In Licorize too you preserve all bookmarks, but maintenance comes naturally from the fact that you distribute bookmarks into “teams at work” i.e. projects, ideas, presentations – and also because the user interface is more reactive and allows more “in place” actions. Delicious basic approach is flat – which is great at the beginning, but in time is not enough in many cases.

Want to try it out? Licorize has a complete Delicious bookmarks import.

A note for Licorize alpha version: a great feature that Delicious has and Licorize currently doesn’t is sharing bookmarks at an URL – we’re building that and there too we are trying to do something better than a plain list. It will be something similar to what Flipboard does to Tweet lists.

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