Why Game Dev Story is a great game?

Yesterday around 9 p.m., after a really long day, I got from the app store on my iPad “Game Dev Story”. I’m no Sims player, actually, not a great computer game player at all, but I found a tweet that made me curious about this game, because it seemed similar to a game I’ve been … Continue reading

Getting attention: telling a story with a mockumentary

This is the beginning Wikipedia definition of Mockumentary: Mockumentary (also known as mock documentary) is a genre of film and television in which fictitious events are presented in documentary format I had been thinking and trying to write a script for a longish video presenting Licorize. I tried various versions, but was unconvinced. Then I … Continue reading

Publishing your bookmark collections as “magazines” on the web

Once you have collected a list of bookmarks, wouldn’t it be nice to share them on the web à la Flipboard or as Paper.li does? The above tools are focused on links shared on Twitter – but why couldn’t one share a curated set of bookmarks from other sources? Like a particular subset of bookmarks, … Continue reading