Publishing your bookmark collections as “magazines” on the web

imageOnce you have collected a list of bookmarks, wouldn’t it be nice to share them on the web à la Flipboard or as does?

The above tools are focused on links shared on Twitter – but why couldn’t one share a curated set of bookmarks from other sources? Like a particular subset of bookmarks, commented, integrated with notes, ideas, even to-do’s.

Sharing them à la Flipboard means sharing not just the links and your notes, but presenting automated editorial abstracts of contents – a non trivial technological task – a sample result is this.

Publishing curated contents

Presenting contents on the web after some personal re-elaboration is a theme that is of interest for a wide audience – see this blog post Curation beyond social media for a detailed presentation.

What does it mean to “curate” online contents? It means collecting, grouping, commenting, and then finally republishing them in some form. Now this last phase is quite important, as it determines whether the intended readers will appreciate and understand the “curated” content.

photo A splendid example on how to present rich contents from selected sources is Flipboard. Seeing what they did for the iPad gave us the inspiration to provide Licorize users with a tool to present openly on the web particular projects / collections, in a nicer form with respect to a plain list. Flipboard and the tools listed here have raised the standards for content publishing. It should be possible to present your contents as a kind of magazine on the web.

For example, I collected the references of this very post – and then this very post too 😀 – in a Licorize booklet:

Beautiful isn’t it?


Licorize booklets.

The last piece of the main Licorize puzzle is online: now you can share openly on the web  arbitrary subsets of your bookmarks, ideas etc. simply by publishing an URL.

For example, there is a project to which several Licorize users are contributing, “100 tests before going online with a website”.

As this project is set as “public”, now everyone can see it online here:

Achieving this kind of formatting of web contents has been a daunting (and not yet finished) technical task – we’ll share all the details and release free supporting JavaScript components in following blog posts.

So how can you start sharing bookmarks as  “online magazines”?  You can enroll to Licorize here and here you find some instructions on bookmark sharing.

Some (beautiful) example booklets

Matteo Bicocchi: ART

Roberto Bicchierai: COUSINE

This is a booklet where the user has customized the booklet CSS:

Pino Panzarella: ILLUSTRATION

Standard bookmark sharing

In this well-written blog post, Mr. Peldi illustrates useful ways of using simple bookmark sharing on the web. Is this possible with Licorize? Indeed it is: any booklet can be shared as a simple list of bookmarks, by adding “list” as a parameter. So the references of this post are

And there you have a self-updating, shared list – inclusive of RSS feed.

Beautiful booklet pageant

As announced here on Licorize blog, we have an always open “beautiful booklet competition”, through which every quarter we will award 3 non-expiring Premium Licorize licenses to the three most beautiful booklets shared on the web. The first three prizes will be assigned on December 20, 2010.

Future developments

What you see online now is only the first version of booklets. The first update (which will be online in a few days) will let users comment, tweet and in general interact with booklets’ contents. The second update, which will take a bit longer, will add the possibility of customizing the booklet, so for example re ordering the strips by hand, hiding certain ones, etc. .

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