Getting attention: telling a story with a mockumentary

This is the beginning Wikipedia definition of Mockumentary:

Mockumentary (also known as mock documentary) is a genre of film and television in which fictitious events are presented in documentary format

I had been thinking and trying to write a script for a longish video presenting Licorize. I tried various versions, but was unconvinced. Then I went to my weekly creative writing lesson, and the next morning I woke up with the idea: do a fake documentary! After all, the web worker is a strange kind of beast…

The documentary format has the advantage of allowing storytelling at a slow pace, and of keeping listeners attention for a long time. It is a good mean for transmitting complex information. I wrote the script for it in a morning, and in one afternoon we’ve put together the audio, and here is the result:

The script:

Anthropology of the web worker – and the Licorize-consumer niche


Now of course creating the video will take longer to produce, but once one has the right idea, pieces can fall together really quick.

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