“My new product idea will be stolen” – and a cure

This fear is unjustified “If I come out with this product, some all powerful software house will steal my idea in no time.” Anyone familiar with Seth Godin’s set of ideas concerning shipping, will recognize here a pattern – a typical expression of your “lizard brain” that makes it impossible to ship. What your “lizard … Continue reading

GTD in the comfort of Licorize

I wrote a blog post on Licorize blog on how to use GTD with it: http://blog.licorize.com/2010/11/11/licorize-as-a-low-effort-gtd-tool/

Game mechanics for thinking users

Many software applications and web sites that are not commonly understood as games have some aspect that can be described in gaming terms. My point here is that a game design perspective can contribute in usability and functionality also in non gaming context. The post ends with examples of real world usage of game mechanics … Continue reading