My picks for 2010 #YearInReview

This is a generally quite uninteresting post, answering silly questions. Anyway, last day of the year. Podcast “A Life Well Wasted” (sometimes it is definitely not for kids) – Talk Brenda Brathwaite on Trains and more at GDC: Documentary Objectified: design & manifacture – – Idea The Lizard brain metaphor. Gaming … Continue reading

Build counter examples to software marketing rules

[tweetmeme source=”ppolsinelli” only_single=false] This interesting post 6 Startup Ideas Every Nerd Has presents startup ideas that come up repeatedly when brainstorming; many more “obvious” ideas are presented in the post comments. Now a likely morale that could be drawn from this repetition (one that came immediately to my mind) is simply to avoid these ideas … Continue reading

Salman Rushdie on storytelling and games

In a recently recorded video the well known novelist Salman Rushdie talks briefly about How are video games influencing linear forms of storytelling? . He recently published Luka and the Fire of Life: A Novel (which I haven’t read but will soon) where one of the themes are videogames are as alternate reality – this … Continue reading