Salman Rushdie on storytelling and games

image In a recently recorded video the well known novelist Salman Rushdie talks briefly about How are video games influencing linear forms of storytelling? . He recently published Luka and the Fire of Life: A Novel

(which I haven’t read but will soon) where one of the themes are videogames are as alternate reality – this is probably the reason for the interview’s topic.

Among several fascinating topics, Rushdie says about video games:

They sometimes require quite skilled hand-eye coordination and so on. But they’re not in any sense intelligent in the way that you want your children to develop intelligence to make the mind not just supple, but actually informed.

I take this as a sort of mission: I interpret him as saying that kids teenagers (and eternal-teenagers’ 😉 ) in play go through stories that lack the psychological subtlety met in reading good books. Is this necessarily so? And generally so? And can this be changed?

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