A documentary about the web worker’s life – and Licorize

A web worker and the Licorize plant

About a month ago I had great fun writing a text of an imaginary anthropological inquiry about web workers, and the influence that Licorize consumption could have on them. Then I passed the script to Open Lab’s designers, and now we have a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4g0QHLZFdwE&hd=1 After all, the pervasiveness of the web and of being … Continue reading

More on game mechanics, rewards, and thinking users

I wrote a blog post on Game mechanics and thinking users a while ago that is still quite popular. This lecture by Chris Hecker on  Achievements Considered Harmful? is interesting and touches related themes, pointing out some absurd consequences that gamification can bring. It also touches the point of “why make games?”. The problem with … Continue reading

Getting to fail

Special glasses for reading in bed

The company where I work was lingering below failure until 2009. For years I complained, protested, presented ideas, and finally made it to shake it from its sleep, and in 2010 we overcame enough resistance and fear so that we became capable of failing. What most people don’t get is that becoming capable to fail … Continue reading

Amy Jo Kim’s Gamification Workshop Slides

I have been following Amy Jo kim’s work on gamification for a while. She recently published slides from a workshop of gamification and I find the contents of these very inspiring (hoping for a video soon). Not that I find the gamification fad interesting, but Miss Kim presentation is not the poor and arbitrary gamification … Continue reading