Getting to fail

Special glasses for reading in bed The company where I work was lingering below failure until 2009. For years I complained, protested, presented ideas, and finally made it to shake it from its sleep, and in 2010 we overcame enough resistance and fear so that we became capable of failing. What most people don’t get is that becoming capable to fail is a skill, composed of (at least) two parts:

1. Courage to try new ideas.

2. Capacity to ship.

So in 2010 we started failing: released the first product, failed, released the second one, failed, released the third one… not a failure. We actually released four new products in a year. Without the previous failures and lessons learned, it would have been impossible to release the successful one.

Most people and companies I know are well below failure. Wake up!

This post has been written under the influence of high doses of Seth Godin’s Tribes. Go get it.

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