Singing all the way from TweetDeck to HootSuite

HootSuite on iPad

I manage three Twitter accounts and a couple of Facebook pages. I had long time ago resigned to using TweetDeck as my twitter client, as the only one supporting multi column layout, functioning decently and giving some kind of support to multi Twitter account management. But a few days ago my colleague Matteo pointed me … Continue reading

Some ideas behind Gamamoto games

A podcast interview here.

The problem with Facebook

Woh-woh-woh, you keep hangin’ round me and I’m not so glad you found me You’re still doing things that I gave up years ago From Hangin’ ‘Round, Transformer, Lou Reed.

7 years without TV – didn’t regret it once

Yes. Since that happy day, I read several hundreds – yes – hundreds of novels and essays, and wrote some too. My daughter grew up without TV – but with loads of books and cartoons and movies, and was reading quite well at 4 (she’s 6 now). Other friends ask me “how do you manage … Continue reading

How startups can learn to pitch the press

This interview at Mixergy with Brad McCarty, editor of The Next Web is about delivering a pitch pitch to the media so they may write about your company. I am unable to express how important I believe this is for a startup; in my experience its more important than any feature creation, bug fix, product … Continue reading