How startups can learn to pitch the press

Delivering A Killer Media Pitch – with Brad McCarty

This interview at Mixergy with Brad McCarty, editor of The Next Web is about delivering a pitch pitch to the media so they may write about your company.

I am unable to express how important I believe this is for a startup; in my experience its more important than any feature creation, bug fix, product enhancement. I think this should be a mandatory watching for any startup.

Some mistakes Brad lists:

– the 1000 word e-mail

– lack of a story

– pitching on Mondays

But as always advice make sense in context – you’ve got to watch the interview.

For those who seen my grumbling about the evolving needs of startup communication at DD-Day, this is a perfect addition to my talk.

Mixergy A while ago I wrote a blog post where I said that often Mixergy is often not about mentoring via tips, but about hearing good life stories. This interview is actually a great example of the former 🙂

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