From cafes in Albinia to Google’s “Dear Sophie”: customer bio-narratives

Google Chrome ad

Two cafes in Albinia Last weekend I was at the sea side with my family, at Albinia, a small village by the sea in Tuscany. It is the main and almost only street in Albinia, there are two cafes where people go to have breakfast – Italian breakfast, which means a coffee or cappuccino and … Continue reading

Why certain software micro-narratives spread?

Analysis of “spreading stories” in the literature is most focused on cases where the marketing story is not only told and spread by word-of-mouth, but also “pushed” by mainstream media using considerable economic means: Obama, Berlusconi, major brands (Diesel, Google Chrome etc.). But there are cases where stories, actually micro-stories, self propagate, and this is … Continue reading

Game preview: Adslife, a lonely copywriter getting in trouble

On Gamamoto we’ve posted a short sample game play from Adslife – the browser game we are building as part of the Gamamoto initiative.

Startup storytelling workshop: notes – part 1

Storytelling product flow

I am putting together notes and materials for my workshop at Better Software 2011 . A preliminary index of the workshop: Startups’ evolving communication needs: the marketing ziggurat Listing features vs. telling stories Example’ analysis Working on texts Discussion One of the aims of the workshop is to help startuppers describe their product using a … Continue reading