Startup storytelling workshop: notes – part 1

Percolating ZigguratI am putting together notes and materials for my workshop at Better Software 2011 . A preliminary index of the workshop:

Startups’ evolving communication needs: the marketing ziggurat
Listing features vs. telling stories
Example’ analysis
Working on texts

imageOne of the aims of the workshop is to help startuppers describe their product using a terminology closer to an emotional model of the user.

Some materials that will be used follow. The material is mainly inspired by Story Selling – a base text on marketing and storytelling in Italian. At the workshop the material will also be available in Italian.

To enroll to the workshop write to

Base schema for product narration

Storytelling Product Flow

Exercise: The product is a story

Which story does you product tell? Is it heroic, moving, a thriller, noir? A redemption story or a apprenticeship one? A lucky intuition or a hard earned success?

Try to guess the kind of story that you’d like to tell through your product and select its essential roles.

– Which kind of story would you like to tell?

– What or whom does it involve?

– Which problem or need it must solve / fulfill?

– What or who is the opponent?

– Which trials it must pass?

– Who is helping and who is hampering?

– How do we know the target has been reached?

– Which other characters appear?

Compose all this elements in a story: [write write write]

Exercise: Opponents and needs

Who are your opponents and competitors?

Which is the need you are fulfilling?

Which is the deficiency you are fulfilling?

The desire you satisfy?

The problems you meet?

For each of the above create a character, then try to take their point of view and tell the story: [write write write]

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