Why certain software micro-narratives spread?

Poll about spreading micro narratives

Analysis of “spreading stories” in the literature is most focused on cases where the marketing story is not only told and spread by word-of-mouth, but also “pushed” by mainstream media using considerable economic means: Obama, Berlusconi, major brands (Diesel, Google Chrome etc.). But there are cases where stories, actually micro-stories, self propagate, and this is a theme most interesting for software startups, and not only them. For inquiring about how this happens, I’ve put together a poll, “Learning about new software”:


Please answer it!

Why should you answer my poll?

If you answer my poll, you get my eternal gratitude for a few seconds, which is already something worthy Smile. But more, by taking the minute it takes to fill up the answers, you will start thinking about which kind of messages and wordings are most convincing to you, and this may increase your awareness of the messages you are hearing and creating – becoming more capable of analysis. All by spending a minute on my poll! And you don’t even have to give me a kite in exchange, unlike Tom Sawyer’s lucky friends at the fence.
Further reasons are that you will become rich fast, enlarge all your extremities, meet Russian girls and then get a large amount of unclaimed money  from Nigeria.

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