Without Flash the web is more readable?

Flash used as text

The web page above is essentially made of text and a few images. And the ads on the right too, are text based: these communicate their message using words, not animations. Still, the right part is entirely made of little Flash pieces. We all know that Flash has been used for providing web pages with … Continue reading

Your change manifesto– a service for change (webcast)

Change manifesto webcast

I’d be very happy to get feedback on this new service idea: Your Change Manifesto – about a free online service for facilitating creating consensual change in companies, teams, enterprises. A webcast where I present the idea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pL6IM1yV41o&hd=1 These ideas are inspired by Seth Godin’s writings. Feedback can be posted on this Facebook page, discussed … Continue reading

On the pseudo-concept of “best developers”

Many years ago, at home with my parents we had as guest an American geneticist, as often happened being my father a geneticist too. They were discussing a prize in genetics, and my father’s friend had a medal designed and produced, and showed it to us, introducing it as “made by the best possible sculptor”. … Continue reading

A short webinar on marketing & bookmarking

Marketing & bookmarking

I recorded a short webinar on how to use bookmarking for improving online marketing campaigns, here. I’ve also put my notes on Slideshare here.

When do companies buy software?

When do companies buy software?

When creating a marketing strategy for software one considers what to communicate and how. And when considering software adoption by  companies, one tries to meet usability and provide the features required. One factor that I found to be quite important in my software marketing experience is timing. When selling software to enterprises and companies timing … Continue reading