When do companies buy software?

Teamwork Project ManagerWhen creating a marketing strategy for software one considers what to communicate and how. And when considering software adoption by  companies, one tries to meet usability and provide the features required.

One factor that I found to be quite important in my software marketing experience is timing. When selling software to enterprises and companies timing is  important because software is mainly bought in times of change. And change can come any time – in times of crisis and in times of affluence.

I am not speaking of software sales in general, like people buy video games all the time. And also considering just sales to companies there are exceptions: some software is bought for maintenance, like the OS for the PC of a new employee, and so at any time – but notice that new employees too come (and go) in herds when some reform  is about to come.

Many large companies are buying custom development most of the time – so those kind of sales come easier; but for software products, the logic is different.

Marketing policies of product software houses small and large in my experience should take into account the timing factor when thinking about their promotional efforts.

When times for change have come, often companies do surveys of existing solutions. What is most important is somehow in that moment to be present in the minds of the choosers and in the sources they will check. This is one of the reasons why direct sales of boxed software rarely work and instead a good online presence can be very effective. Direct sales come in a random moment – not the moment of change. Only when companies are changing they will enter the searching phase – and then it is important to be found.

Shameless self-promo: we will soon launch a free online service to help people that want to bring consensual change in the enterprise – stay tuned.

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