How to export e-mails from a Gmail’ label???

Export Gmail label

I’ve been fighting a bit with this hack, exploring Google App Scripts on the way, but its actually very simple. 1. If you don’t have it, install Thunderbird (I’ve also was careful to say “no” to the various “set it as default for…” questions). 2. Set up your Gmail account in Thunderbird; don’t worry! This … Continue reading

Fatal flaws and promising miracles

Meet Flipboard

Addenda to the previous post on fatal flaws in marketing: Flaws and miracles Yesterday I saw a big ad of the new mini saying more or less “If you feel like you are not living –> get a Mini.”. Their new ad line is that by buying a mini your life will be full full … Continue reading

Two simple marketing principles

Meet Flipboard

I have been fighting in software and games marketing for a while, and I’ve read many books and tried several techniques. I’ve launched several software products with diverse results, and I’ve also taken creative writing courses, studied storytelling techniques for marketing, studied TV advertising, even created a game on this theme. Whenever I see an … Continue reading

Change needs awareness

Change needs awareness

I recorded a short video which bridges the consensual change process idea that we are modeling with our new web application “Your Change manifesto”  with a work-oriented project manager like Teamwork. Details here.

How do I get Twitter lists as RSS streams???

game designers on twitter

I wonder why Twitter lists don’t expose an RSS. Anyway the rest part of the API does, and with a very simple url pattern, which we’ve found developing Licorize / Twitter integration. Just use this: Twitter name]/lists/[your list name]/statuses.atom So for example, being I “ppolsinelli” on Twitter and one of my lists is “game-designers” … Continue reading