How do I get Twitter lists as RSS streams???

game-designers on twitter

I wonder why Twitter lists don’t expose an RSS. Anyway the rest part of the API does, and with a very simple url pattern, which we’ve found developing Licorize / Twitter integration. Just use this: Twitter name]/lists/[your list name]/statuses.atom

So for example, being I “ppolsinelli” on Twitter and one of my lists is “game-designers” here!/ppolsinelli/game-designers

the RSS feed is here:

and this is the RSS url that you can feed to your reader, e.g. Google reader.

Google searching for this problems led me to tools, services, installations, Yahoo pipes… but it is as easy as shown above.

One Response to “How do I get Twitter lists as RSS streams???”
  1. DK says:

    Thanks for this concise and simple solution – appreciated sir.

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