Fatal flaws and promising miracles

New Mini

Addenda to the previous post on fatal flaws in marketing:

Flaws and miracles

Yesterday I saw a big ad of the new mini saying more or less “If you feel like you are not living –> get a Mini.”. Their new ad line is that by buying a mini your life will be full full of adventures – an absurd and silly idea, but that doesn’t matter.  The fatal flaw here is clearly boredom. The ad must be here extremely elaborate because of the weakness of the link between the flaw and the proposed solution.

I just wanted to add that to each fatal flaw focused by the ad creator, a corresponding promise of a miracle is formulated by the ad: smell –> perfume, weakness –> strength, boredom –> adventure…

Flaws and pop

If you want to apply the “fatal flaw” reading to a different theme, just listen to the effective lyrics of Lily Allen: a fatal flaw is always evoked.

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