How to export e-mails from a Gmail’ label???

imageI’ve been fighting a bit with this hack, exploring Google App Scripts on the way, but its actually very simple.

1. If you don’t have it, install Thunderbird (I’ve also was careful to say “no” to the various “set it as default for…” questions).

2. Set up your Gmail account in Thunderbird; don’t worry! This does not mean that you’re reverting to use a client, you still will have all your e-mail online. You will use this just for the export.

3. Install this import export tools plugin in Thunderbird.

First download it, then to install it,  in Thunderbird go to tools –> add ons –> settings icon –> install add on from file

4. After Thunderbird synched your label (you can check that the number of messages is the same as on Gmail), select the label, go to Tools –> Import Export tools and export the label (which in Thunderbird will appear as a folder) in CSV or any other format.

This made my day.

4 Responses to “How to export e-mails from a Gmail’ label???”
  1. Yol San says:

    This is great! I just am wondering if there’s a way of importing them to another gmail account once dowloaded. Thanks!

  2. You rock man, thanks for the tip

  3. You should try out our product GrexIt ( It helps you sync labels between two Gmail/Google Apps accounts. Its perfect for moving email between accounts, and we also have a free plan:

  4. Josh says:

    Its worked for me bro, Thanks for for your help 🙂

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