Home made online marketing requires …

How much time does home made online marketing requires to launch a software product / service? Out of 100 developers creating games, web services, iPhone apps and so on…

100 happy software creators


50 do nothing

50 of our 100 simply never publish a decent presentation web site of what they’ve done.


25 do little

25 publish the web site and hope for the best.


24 do something

24 write to to the obvious generic publishers (Wired, Techcrunch) in their first week online, never getting any answer and so leave it there.


1 does the real thing

1 finds niches, writes to specialized bloggers, finds new particular perspectives under which she keeps refining it, in waves. Learns how people have different “buying propensities” in different times of the year, experiments with pricing and promos, … . This one and only this one has some hope of making it.

Do you have a two year survival plan for your product?

Data in this blog post is a purely fantastic projection from my life experience. But you get the idea. I’m @ppolsinelli. Drawings by @pupunzi.

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