What are bookshops for today?

bookshop in Amsterdam
A friend of mine who created a splendid book and toy shop in Florence, couldn’t find with her suppliers a toy I asked for. We both found it on Amazon, and then she wrote me in an e-mail:

“But what are book shops for today?”

Though I am an intense user of Amazon and digital books, I am also a customer of bookshops everywhere I go – in fact searching and visiting them is one of my greatest pleasures in traveling. Book shops are there for something, but their role has and is changing:  “… we’ve found a place for radio in a world full of televisions”.

Why printed books?

Notice how the question today has quickly shifted from “do digital books make sense” to a different one; revolutions are quick, so was the introduction of printed books. Here are some nice writings to make you think about this matter:

hack the cover

Hack the Cover


(Actually I suggest you to read all Craig Mod writes, as the theme is always this and there is depth in his researches.)

epilogueEPILOGUE: the future of print


game on

Video games will not kill board games

Board Games Are Better Than Video Games In So Many Ways

3 Responses to “What are bookshops for today?”
  1. Booksforever says:

    There will always be printed books. People will always want to escape into a bookshop and browse paper books, and get lost for a short while away from their problems, just like a cinema can provide. Ebooks are a great convenience no doubt, but printed books and bookshops that sell them provide a little something more you just can’t describe. And i guess that is makes them so special.

    • I fully agree: bookshops are special, precious spaces. But I really see the e-book expanding in every space and generation, I begin to doubt that there is a future for paper.

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  1. […] P.S. See this post on how book shops can live in the age of digital books: What are bookshops for today? […]

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