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Moving about in Florence

Hilde’s photo of myself from a bus in Florence

PAGE NO LONGER MAINTAINED. UPDATED ABOUT ME IS HERE: http://designagame.eu/pietro-polsinelli/ including all professional activity.

Updated blog here: http://designAGame.eu

This is Pietro Polsinelli’s software blog, where I randomly and incoherently post about several topics, all having somehow to do with a web worker’s online life. You can follow me on Twitter @ppolsinelli.

I am currently writing and working a lot on videogames; I started writing on the gamamoto blog, but now I am focusing on http://designAGame.eu, a site on game mockup and prototypes, and the  Euro Gamer Podcast – interviews and discussions with indie game designers and producers.

Short facts about me

Before 1998. I was born in Pavia in an Anglo-Italian family. I was interested in programming languages since I was 14 (it was 1981), at the time I was in London and I discovered the existence of accessible computers, the Sinclair ZX 80-81. Since then I have been interested in programming languages, recursion theory, mathematical logic, models of natural language, axiomatizations of mathematics, and studied mathematical and philosophical logic at various universities. I also tried to work at theorem proving in set theory as a pure mathematician, but I had no real talent for that.

After 1998. Worked in software development for enterprises and games, doing a lot of stuff (see below the “more in detail”).

I currently live in Florence with my partner Laura, a graphic designer, and our two children, Maia and Enea.


Currently I am a Java and JavaScript developer and software marketer at the IT company I founded in Florence with three friends in 2001, Open Lab, which has in time produced many wonderful things, and I also do teaching and consulting on UI design based on engagement, social games and reputation. All details below in “more in detail”.


I have practiced Shintaido, a body movement art, since about 1998.

I have for many years and still am quite interested in the phenomenological branch of philosophy, and also in contemporary philosophy in general. Recently I became interested in literary criticism, and started writing novels and short stories.


My older blog: http://ppolsinelli.blogspot.com .

You can write me at ppolsinelli@gmail.com.

Pietro Polsinelli – more in detail

Game design / Browser & Unity3d games

2014 February. The site for the Genio project goes online – preparing for the Kickstarter.

2014 February. Talks about Impact of Technology on Narratives in Rome – slides here.

2014 February. Talks about Startups and games for Startup Saturday in Florence – slides here.

2014 January. Started publishing a tutorial on Unity 2D game development here.

2013 November. Developing 2D games on Unity 4.3 new 2D framework.

2013 November. Talked on “Playfied Storytelling” at IA Summit 2013, slides here.

2013 October. Wrote post on HTML5 & SVG & Facebook graph usages for new apps: see here.

2013 July: Talked on “Gamify with SVG / Canvas over Facebook Open Graph”, slides here.

2013 May / June: Teacher at the Master in Fashion Communication at Polimoda.

2013 May. Creating a gamified “share your mood”  HTML5 app for Docomo / Appsfuel.

2013. Pairing with the amazing Pupunzi creating some JavaScript components; e.g. one on HTML5 audio – see this extended report, now (May 2013) one on HTML5 parallax.

2013 March. Talks at CodeMotion on HTML5 game and gamification design from the trenches http://rome.codemotionworld.com/

2013 March. Releases beta for Tempesta / RAI of web site for collaborative writing of movie scripts http://www.meltaplot.rai.it/ . Did engineering, support and UI design.

2013 January. Releases mobile game in HTML5 “GoodMorning” http://goodmorning.appsfuel.com/ . Invented and did all game design / engineering and part of JavaScript development.

2013 January – December. Game design & web development teacher at Bottega Finzioni (Carlo Lucarelli) in Video game School in Bologna

November 2012. Creates (writes all code; illustrations by Pino Panzarella) alpha version of The System browser game, a porting of a boardgame; play it online here http://www.ticonblu.it/thesystem/

2012/2013. Created mobile HTML5 online service “EasyReader” http://easyreader.appsfuel.com/ . Invented and did all game design / engineering and part of JavaScript development.

November 2012. Launches Design a Game with Stefano Cecere, a site on game design.

2012 Teaches seminar “Teaching with Videogames” at the Master in Digital Publishing at Siena University http://www.infotext.unisi.it/

2012 January. Begins as student in Bottega Finzioni – videogames and consulting TiconBlu (Bologna) for videogame marketing / production.

2011 November. Storytelling and video games

2011 September. Creates and launches a new “social browser game”: Adslife http://adslifegame.com

2011 May. Gamamoto releases Storymoto (MIT licensed) free engine for JavaScript game story design http://storymoto.gamamoto.com/

2011 February. Creates Gamamoto http://gamamoto.com
on “games, stories and browsers” http://gamamoto.com/2011/02/16/hello-world/

2010. Begins self taught studies of game design.

UI design : Gamification & Engagement

2012 Talk on “Engagement by Design” at Better Software 2012 www.bettersoftware.it

2012 Design and develops Melt-a-Plot for Tempesta Film and RAI Cinema – a social framework for movie script ideas.


2014 February. Publishes two short stories (in Italian) on Quintus, a Roman general campaigning with Caesar. Book in Italian here http://www.felicieditore.it/index.php?pagina=prodotti&idElemento=1148&mode=6&catPrec=

2013 October / November. Created branding (name, pitch, storytelling) for Chinese multinational producing tiles.

2012, 2013 Teacher for “Digital Storytelling” (replacing “Semiotics”) in the Florence University Master in Multimedia master course. http://www.mmm.unifi.it/

2011 June. Held a workshop at Better Software 2011 on “Storytelling for software marketing”

2010 Summer. Short stories (mainly in Italian) with fellow Semicerchio student Massimo Capitani su http://bencotto.wordpress.com

2009-2011. Student at Semicerchio creative writing course http://www.unisi.it/semicerchio/

Marketing, gamification, social software

2010 July – today. Creates, launches and supports the social bookmarking service Licorize http://licorize.com/

2010 November. A reflection on gamification (presented at UX Florence 2010): Game mechanics for thinking users http://pietro.open-lab.com/2010/11/09/game-mechanics-for-thinking-users/

May 2010. Talks at Better Software 2010 on “Get visitors to read and remember your home page” http://pietro.open-lab.com/2009/10/19/get-visitors-to-read-and-remember-your-home-page-the-principles/

2009. Creates blog Homo Surfens covering various aspects of web workers’ anthropology.

Project management

2007. Awarded in 2007 with “17° Productivity Jolt Award” at SD West, Santa Clara (CA) USA (for Teamwork)

2003-today. Creates and develops Teamwork http://www.twproject.com  version 1-4 in Open Lab, creates the totality of documentation, site’s contents, indexing, blogging and marketing. Still does support and boot camps. Teamwork is sold all over the world with more than 500 installations in production. Did boot camps in Europe, USA, Brazil, Africa.

2001- today. Creates Open Lab with three friends, and all four of us are still working in it. Supplies various custom web solutions to companies and corporations. http://www.open-lab.com

Logic, linguistics  & philosophy

1 year grant for foreign studies from Florence University to Carnegie Mellon University.

1988-1995. Studies in Philosophy and Mathematical Logic in the University of Florence; thesis in Mathematical Logic on “Y. Moschovakis. The formal language of recursion. The Journal of Symbolic Logic, 54, 1989”. Researches done for University of Ghent (Belgium) in Artificial Intelligence and computational models (European degree in Mathematical Logic, 1992). Post graduate fellowship from University of Florence granting one year in Carnegie-Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA, USA), and Universitè Paris VII (France), Department of Mathematics, for studies in Logic.


Main focus is web app / Unity3D and game design and development; also develops substantial parts of server / client side coding.

Main task in Open Lab is project manager of all phases of product development and release to market (specifics, mockups, modeling, servers side, UX, client side, debug, release, presentations (sites, blogging, videos), press contact) for all software products.


Server side web development (Java, databases): 14 years experience.
Client (browser) side development: HTML plus JavaScript: 9 years experience.
Unity3D development in C#: 1 year experience.
Also worked on browser plugins, mobile development (HTLM5).

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