Building and marketing new web apps (reasoned index)

Patapage and BugsVoiceAre you developing a new web service which you hope to sell online? Here you find the story of someone who is doing that right now (started summer 2009), and so you may find here something helpful.
Since the second half of 2009, I’ve been doing considerable work in order to define, produce and launch new web services, expanding the marketing activity which I was already doing for Teamwork. Along the way I’ve been doing a considerable amount of  research and study concerning application design, marketing and company’s management, trying to “shake” my software house which was lingering in risk-free activities. On the topics where I developed a personal opinion, I’ve taken notes in form of blog posts, to which I link here.

Posts which may be interesting for startups

So here is a list of links to existing and forthcoming blog posts and abstracts:

A review of “The Web Startup Success Guide” – this is a review of a book which describes a way to proceed which largely overlaps with the path we’ve taken.

Selecting products in a “good strategic position” – some of the criteria with which we did our brainstorming and product selection. This blog post is not yet published.

Java is just fine for your online service startup development. In this blog post, I argue against the commonplace that Java’s language and ecosystem is not a good environment where to develop online services, presenting concrete examples.

Productivity by delegation vs. productivity by outsourcing – Two similar concepts which lead to very different practices.

Get visitors to read and remember your home page – This is the introduction: “Your web site needs to convince people. This project is made up of the steps needed to create an effective home page for your product site, a home page that will capture visitor’s attention. Taking the user’s perspective is non trivial, say Dan & Chip Heath, because you are under the “Curse of Knowledge”: it is very hard for you and your team to look at your product from the perspective of someone who knows nothing about it, if you don’t dedicate some time to this. This project is heavily inspired by the principles which can be found in the book Made to Stick by Dan & Chip Heath. The aims of this project can be summarized as: (1) get visitors to read your home page (2) get visitors to remember your home page”. The post is in two parts as it is quite long: part 1part 2.

Pricing an online service. The very difficult task of pricing an online service is discussed here.

The blurring distinction between graphic design and software development. Having a designer in your startup team can make a difference.

Learning home made copywriting , Improving the writing style of technical blog posts (part one)A checklist for improving the writing style of technical blog posts (part two) My experiences and notes in studying copy for writing about our products.

On explaining your products and services – what I call “the mapping”:

Easiest way to build and support a web site’s community: Patapage

Developers in Europe: While “taking notes” on our progress, I got the idea of giving more that this blog, and started (on April 2010) the “Developers in Europe” (#devineu) initiative: Its mission is defined here:

Keep updated

Twitter stream of my progress: most of my “moves” are on my Twitter stream; many news can be found under the #patapage and #bugsvoice tags. Most of the blog post are becoming projects on

The two products which we are launching are Patapage and BugsVoice. I am also the project leader of a well know project management product, Teamwork.

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