Living without Windows Live Writer

wordpress 3.8

Microsoft is not developing Windows Live Writer anymore: so users are looking for alternatives, some are described here. I’m writing a user guide online as WordPress blog posts, and Windows Live Writer is very useful as it handles images without making you do separate uploads. No other client does that… up to now: now the … Continue reading

How do I get Twitter lists as RSS streams???

game designers on twitter

I wonder why Twitter lists don’t expose an RSS. Anyway the rest part of the API does, and with a very simple url pattern, which we’ve found developing Licorize / Twitter integration. Just use this: Twitter name]/lists/[your list name]/statuses.atom So for example, being I “ppolsinelli” on Twitter and one of my lists is “game-designers” … Continue reading

Daily Rituals & Flipboard


I remember when I was a child, my father coming home and reading the newspaper on the couch in the evening, almost every evening. There I acquired an implicit reliance on newspapers as a truthful source – as many of you readers likely learned it too.

Publishing your bookmark collections as “magazines” on the web

Once you have collected a list of bookmarks, wouldn’t it be nice to share them on the web à la Flipboard or as does? The above tools are focused on links shared on Twitter – but why couldn’t one share a curated set of bookmarks from other sources? Like a particular subset of bookmarks, … Continue reading

Curation beyond social media

In this blog post I explore the news curation concept and the new supporting web services as introduced by Robert Scoble, trying to understand whether some concepts can be integrated in general bookmarking services like the one we just put online (Licorize), in a context wider than news presentation and discussion. What is curation? First … Continue reading