Play with your brand narratives

Play with your brand narratives

I’ve recently been at an interesting (and very well organized) event on Brand Storytelling, the Brand Storytelling Forum in Milan, where several ad agencies presented campaigns on brand storytelling. The campaigns presented were from major corporate brands (Luxottica, Ing Direct and so on) ; I tried to read and gain more depth on the theme … Continue reading

HTML5, games and gamification

HTML5 devices

Some considerations written for Codemotion Rome 2013 here:

Launching a new site dedicated to game design:

I’m happy to announce that with Stefano Cecere I am launching a new site on game design, We will write on game mockups, prototypes and design. We will also review games and tools in the perspective of game design. On the site we also host a podcast where we mainly focus on European game … Continue reading

[Italian] Un anno di game design a Bottega Finzioni

The System

Solo, prigioniero in una stanza umida. Il cancello in ferro chiuso, il corridoio buio. Sento un altro prigioniero che si lamenta in una cella vicina. La gamba mi fa molto male, cammino a stento. Adesso sono solo, e devo trovare il modo di uscire. L’esercizio dell’esame  di ammissione permetteva di scegliere se sviluppare questa trama … Continue reading

A first point in my research on narrative and video games

In this post I try to summarize my ongoing research on narrative techniques and video games.