Living without Windows Live Writer

wordpress 3.8

Microsoft is not developing Windows Live Writer anymore: so users are looking for alternatives, some are described here. I’m writing a user guide online as WordPress blog posts, and Windows Live Writer is very useful as it handles images without making you do separate uploads. No other client does that… up to now: now the … Continue reading

On the pseudo-concept of “best developers”

Many years ago, at home with my parents we had as guest an American geneticist, as often happened being my father a geneticist too. They were discussing a prize in genetics, and my father’s friend had a medal designed and produced, and showed it to us, introducing it as “made by the best possible sculptor”. … Continue reading

Daily Rituals & Flipboard


I remember when I was a child, my father coming home and reading the newspaper on the couch in the evening, almost every evening. There I acquired an implicit reliance on newspapers as a truthful source – as many of you readers likely learned it too.