What are bookshops for today?

bookshop in Amsterdam

A friend of mine who created a splendid book and toy shop in Florence, couldn’t find with her suppliers a toy I asked for. We both found it on Amazon, and then she wrote me in an e-mail: “But what are book shops for today?” Though I am an intense user of Amazon and digital … Continue reading

How do I get Twitter lists as RSS streams???

game designers on twitter

I wonder why Twitter lists don’t expose an RSS. Anyway the rest part of the API does, and with a very simple url pattern, which we’ve found developing Licorize / Twitter integration. Just use this: http://api.twitter.com/1/%5Byour Twitter name]/lists/[your list name]/statuses.atom So for example, being I “ppolsinelli” on Twitter and one of my lists is “game-designers” … Continue reading

The problem with Facebook

Woh-woh-woh, you keep hangin’ round me and I’m not so glad you found me You’re still doing things that I gave up years ago From Hangin’ ‘Round, Transformer, Lou Reed.

7 years without TV – didn’t regret it once

Yes. Since that happy day, I read several hundreds – yes – hundreds of novels and essays, and wrote some too. My daughter grew up without TV – but with loads of books and cartoons and movies, and was reading quite well at 4 (she’s 6 now). Other friends ask me “how do you manage … Continue reading

My picks for 2010 #YearInReview

This is a generally quite uninteresting post, answering silly questions. Anyway, last day of the year. Podcast “A Life Well Wasted” http://alifewellwasted.com/ (sometimes it is definitely not for kids) – Talk Brenda Brathwaite on Trains and more at GDC: http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1012259/Train-%28or-How-I-Dumped Documentary Objectified: design & manifacture http://www.objectifiedfilm.com/ – – Idea The Lizard brain metaphor. http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2010/01/quieting-the-lizard-brain.html Gaming … Continue reading