Singing all the way from TweetDeck to HootSuite

HootSuite on iPad

I manage three Twitter accounts and a couple of Facebook pages. I had long time ago resigned to using TweetDeck as my twitter client, as the only one supporting multi column layout, functioning decently and giving some kind of support to multi Twitter account management. But a few days ago my colleague Matteo pointed me … Continue reading

Amy Jo Kim’s Gamification Workshop Slides

I have been following Amy Jo kim’s work on gamification for a while. She recently published slides from a workshop of gamification and I find the contents of these very inspiring (hoping for a video soon). Not that I find the gamification fad interesting, but Miss Kim presentation is not the poor and arbitrary gamification … Continue reading

Game mechanics for thinking users

Many software applications and web sites that are not commonly understood as games have some aspect that can be described in gaming terms. My point here is that a game design perspective can contribute in usability and functionality also in non gaming context. The post ends with examples of real world usage of game mechanics … Continue reading