Change needs awareness

Change needs awareness

I recorded a short video which bridges the consensual change process idea that we are modeling with our new web application “Your Change manifesto”  with a work-oriented project manager like Teamwork. Details here.

A mininal contribution

Of this video I wrote the script: It is a promotional video for Teamwork.

Defending Java..

From, podcast 44 comments Now that I have Jon Skeet on my side, the path to world dominance is open. P.S. As there are in that stackoverflow thread a bit too sharp polemical interventions, I want to precise that the reservation about the two guys opinion expressed by my post is only a minor … Continue reading

Using Balsamiq Mockups for Teamwork ideas

During these holidays I had an idea whirling in my mind, and I could spell it away only by… spelling out its details. By some chance during these days I also met again Balsamiq Mockups, so I decided to give it a serious try. I wanted to design a mock up of a personal productivity … Continue reading