bookshop in Amsterdam

What are bookshops for today?

A friend of mine who created a splendid book and toy shop in Florence, couldn’t find with her suppliers a toy I asked for. We both found it on Amazon, and then she wrote me in an e-mail: “But what are book shops for today?” Though I am an intense user of Amazon and digital … Continue reading

Launching a new site dedicated to game design:

I’m happy to announce that with Stefano Cecere I am launching a new site on game design, We will write on game mockups, prototypes and design. We will also review games and tools in the perspective of game design. On the site we also host a podcast where we mainly focus on European game … Continue reading

The System

[Italian] Un anno di game design a Bottega Finzioni

Solo, prigioniero in una stanza umida. Il cancello in ferro chiuso, il corridoio buio. Sento un altro prigioniero che si lamenta in una cella vicina. La gamba mi fa molto male, cammino a stento. Adesso sono solo, e devo trovare il modo di uscire. L’esercizio dell’esame  di ammissione permetteva di scegliere se sviluppare questa trama … Continue reading

How do some indie games become commercial successes?

I’m trying to find some rationale in some games being successful, my reflections on Sword & Sworcery here.

Digital Storytelling - publishing

Digital Storytelling: publishing

On SlideShare my slides for the second part of my course on Digital Storytelling I’m teaching at Master in Multimedia Content Design at the University of Florence.