Two images that present the effect of backface & transform: translate3d

While developing a jQuery scrollable parallax site component (coming soon) with @pupunzi we found out that having CSS3 animations impacted dramatically performances on Firefox, but adding by hand instructions on CSS3 on backface and transform: translate3d (which normally you should not do) solved the problem. See this discussion: Considerations for CSS3 Transition Performance. Look how … Continue reading

HTML5, games and gamification

HTML5 devices

Some considerations written for Codemotion Rome 2013 here:

An HTML5 audio library for mobile that tries to actually work

Wrote this with Matteo Bicocchi here:

Without Flash the web is more readable?

Flash used as text

The web page above is essentially made of text and a few images. And the ads on the right too, are text based: these communicate their message using words, not animations. Still, the right part is entirely made of little Flash pieces. We all know that Flash has been used for providing web pages with … Continue reading

Adslife final is out: trailer and free game

Adslife trailer video

After about a year of game script and design and six months of development, Adslife trailer and game are now online.